Clear the Air

In collaboration with Dynamic Air Quality Control, DMC undertook a comprehensive video editing project aimed at distilling the advantages of their air quality control devices for homeowners. From crafting compelling script content and selecting impactful b-roll footage to providing a professional voiceover and seamless editing, our team ensured a concise yet effective video that precisely […]

Exploring Wealth Hospitality Group – A Journey of Excellence

Welcome to our latest video showcasing the remarkable story behind Wealth Hospitality Group, brought to you by Dynamic Marketing Consultants. Join us on a captivating journey as we delve into the heart and soul of this exceptional organization.   Our team, comprising the talented Devin Herz, Joe Rowe, Crystal Reed and Igor Moshkin, embarked on […]

Video Office Tour

Delivering a dynamic way to show off one of the coolest law firm locations around. Bringing a quick, high-energy video paired with current music is a great way to use video to provide your clients a glimpse of your workspace.

NSA Event Video

Our client’s largest annual event was where we conducted 3 days of on-location video and interviews. This was a thank you video we created for NSA to send out to their client base and team.


Here’s a fun one developed by the team at DMC to show the lighter side of our wonderful client Fulmer Sill. No bad words were used or harmed in this video shoot.

Justice Starts Here

Hendy Johnson Vaughn & Emery video shoot developed by Dynamic Marketing Consultants. From storyboarding to shooting in -16 degree weather, DMC created this video as a welcome video for their website.

Derek Jeter Hall Of Fame

Working with artist Justyn Farano has allowed DMC to work on something very near and dear to the heart of the CEO, Devin Herz, BASEBALL! DMC edited the footage for this video for Justyn Farano’s use at his showcase in Cooperstown at the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame.

Everyone Knows Your Name

DMC wanted to convey a hometown vibe for the Oklahoma Law Firm, Fulmer Sill. The team at DMC, developed the concept, scripting, video shoot, and production.

Catastrophic Injury Support Group

Mark Nation was paralyzed at an early age in an accident. He later became an attorney and is currently working to provide valuable information to others who have suffered a catastrophic injury. The team at DMC developed a Facebook Group for this initiative and this is the introduction video to inform the guests on the […]

Remodeled Header Images

Jason Rossi a longtime DMC client recently went through a website upgrade. This video is used in the header to quickly highlight some of Rossi Construction’s elegant work and the solutions they provide.