WOW Your Clients By Adding a Video Player to Your Sales Collateral

It’s important not to limit your content. Having informative, inspired sales collateral helps generate interest, demonstrates value, and builds credibility. What’s the best way to achieve this? With video! Adding a video player to your sales collateral allows you to transform your information and easily grab the attention of your audience.


Our team of experts is innovators in the unique world of video marketing and sales. We’ve tested what types of offers, messaging, designs, and delivery vehicles will generate optimal results and maximize ROI for our clients. We’ve adapted “InstaVizion” and “PrintaVizion” for our clients as well as our own sales collateral efforts; we’ve seen the results. We’re certain these products will revolutionize your business.

InstaVizion allows you to instantly add a video to your marketing materials, presentations, pitches, direct mail, and more! InstaVizion is a small video screen that you can stick to most all printed marketing materials and promotional items. Videos are updated to the device via micro USB, which comes with each InstaVizion purchase. This new video marketing strategy allows for immediate impact, as you can now easily add a video to just about anything, including flyers, brochures, direct mail, sales presentations, gift boxes, and more. Potential clients no longer need to get to your website to view your video content, you can send it to them in the mail!

PrintaVizion is another revolutionary way to add a video to your sales collateral. Video Books, Video Brochures and Video Mailers give you the power of print, video, and audio all in one. Our PrintaVizion offering embeds a lucid LCD screen in a hardbound book, a brochure, a catalog, or even a direct mail piece. This technology holds 20 plus minutes of video storage with clear audio that can be customized to your business’ needs. Just think of the possibilities when you can get through the gatekeepers and get your video messages right into your target audience’s hands, literally.

Utilizing video players as part of the sales collateral toolkit is an up-and-coming marketing strategy. InstaVizion and PrintaVizion are the next big digital marketing breakthroughs. Let DMC speed up your sales cycle with these unique product offerings. You’ll wow your clients while leaving your competition in the dust!


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