Results Driven Marketing: The Importance of Web Strategy and Design

Whether your business is located in a brick and mortar building or entirely online, having a strong digital presence and well-designed website is essential for business growth. I’m sure you have interacted with a business website that was too slow to load, and the information you were searching for wasn’t easy to locate. From building out an intuitive website to establishing a solid web strategy, how you design and implement your business website can make or break your brand!

Developing Your Digital Strategy: The Facts

Not every website that looks attractive is effective at converting leads into customers. The modern advances in analyzing big data have ushered in many intriguing statistics demonstrating just how important having an appealing website is. 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if they perceive the layout to be unattractive. Additionally, Time Magazine recently found that a website has an average of 15 seconds to capture the attention of a user, or they simply click out. Having an effective digital presence doesn’t just end with a nice-looking website either. According to the Pew Research Center, 60% of internet access is done through the phone, making having a mobile-friendly website with valuable informative content almost as important as having a website at all!

With these fast facts in mind, before you even begin to develop your business website, it is important to establish a digital marketing strategy including your brand’s vision and goals in order to effectively capture your audience. Bringing on board a web developer with the know-how to accommodate both your brand’s style, product, or service as well as your client’s desire for an intuitive website can prove to be invaluable.

Search Engine Optimization: Can Google Find You?

Once you have a website you are proud of, next, you will want to bring organic internet traffic to it! Potential leads and customers use search engines like Google to search for products and services. Are potential customers easily finding your business? Or your competition’s? Search engine optimization is another aspect of well-executed web design and strategy that is increasingly essential to marketing your business effectively.  With millions of websites on the internet, how do you make yours rise to the top of the search engines? Search engine optimization (SEO) is the answer! Using keyword research, SEO experts can determine what your target market is searching for and cater your content to those findings. This digital marketing practice is what lands you on the coveted first page of Google searches and in front of potential customers looking for exactly what you are promoting! From a creative landing page and website copy that captivates your readers to creating valuable content for your company blog, there are countless ways to use search engine optimization to further your business’s visibility!

Pay-Per-Click and Drawing the Right Attention

While SEO is a great way to passively make your website rank highly in search engines, Pay-Per-Click takes this strategy a bit further. Have you noticed those advertisements at the top of the search engines when you search for particular keywords? Those are Pay-Per-Click advertisements. Those ads are created using tools like Google AdWords. This form of advertising is especially beneficial for increasing a website’s exposure because the ads are rendered based upon the exact keyword searched. Additionally, you only pay for the advertisement if it is clicked by a lead, hence Pay-Per-Click. For example, if you are a Tampa, Florida based personal injury attorney, you would want your PPC ad to be listed when someone searches the internet for “best personal injury attorney in Tampa.” PPC leads will then drive highly qualified warm leads to your website, and with your speedy and attractive business page, you will capture the most conversions possible!

How We Can Help: We Grow Businesses Like Yours!

From inception to execution, we have a well-rounded staff of highly knowledgeable marketing professionals ready to develop and promote your website. You may have the best product or service on the market, but if your web strategy and design are lacking, your profitability is likely lacking as well. Take the first step today toward promoting your brand and its digital presence using current industry standards and best practices! We are here to help every step of the way and have been the powerful marketing boost behind countless businesses and their websites.

Your Website Should Prove Your Results

Most of the time your website is the first glimpse a potential customer will have of your business. While it’s important to highlight who you are, as well as your products and services,what customers really want to learn about is the results you can achieve for them.

There is a fine line between bragging and highlighting your successes. Here are three professional ways to incorporate results for potential clients to see:


There’s nothing better than having your happy, loyal clients speak about their experience. Utilizing both written and video testimonials is a great way to show potential clients firsthand the successes you’ve achieved for your clients. Testimonials will not only showcase your expertise, but they help build credibility and demonstrate that you are a trustworthy and reliable business to work with.

Case Studies

Let the numbers do the talking! Case studies are the perfect way to tell a visual story. A case study proves your successes, making your company credible, authoritative and again, trustworthy. It’s important that your case studies be structured, highlighting your client’s challenges, the goals, the strategy,and of course, the results.


For certain industries, this is a critical section to include on your website. If you’re in a creative business, whether it be a graphic designer, architect, landscaper, jeweler, etc., people need to see examples of your work. Your portfolio should contain crisp images showing as much detail as possible. This portion of your website should be clean, organized and easy for a potential customer to view.Visitors will be able to get a feel for your style and decide whether or not your company will be a good fit.You can also showcase results with your portfolio by pairing them with how they succeeded for the client.Here are a few examples:

  • Marketers can include campaign results, leads generated, or event tickets sold.
  • Contractors can show their work and also highlight how long it took to complete or if they came in under budget.
  • Professional Services can showcase money and time saved for their customers.

If these methods have you rethinking your current website, don’t hesitate to contact us with questions. We’re happy to offer a complimentary consultation to help analyze your current site and explain what our team of web design experts can do for you. Ready to get started? Schedule your appointment here.

Dynamic Marketing 101: Websites

We’re excited to launch a new blog series highlighting the different services offered here at DMC! Each post will cover a strategic feature of a fully executed marketing strategy. We’ll be providing important tips and offer advice to help you build on your own marketing strategy. In part one, we’ll be discussing the importance of website design to improve conversion rates.

Having an up-to-date and functioning website is vital for any business, big or small, regardless of what product or service you provide. One of the most important tips to keep in mind for your website is to make sure it’s user friendly. Your site should be clean and easy for a viewer to navigate. Next, your content should be informative and engaging, but not overwhelming. Remember, potential clients come to your website to learn about not only your products and services, but about your company and culture as well. Make sure your website if offering the information your clients are seeking.

In the last year, the team at DMC has built over 10 new websites and dozens of landing pages for our clients, some with full navigation and dozens of pages, and others more streamlined for lead generation.

Here are some of our favorite features we’ve included in our recent web designs:

1. CONTACT INFORMATION: We make sure the company’s contact information and social media links are extremely easy to view, placing it on EVERY page in the header, footer, or both. This ensures you’re easily accessible when the client has done enough research on your page and decides they want to do business or follow you on social media.

2. INSTANT CUSTOMER SERVICE: We’ve included a “Send Us a Message” tab at the bottom right of this website that stays there the entire time you navigate the site. You’d be surprised by how many web users have quick questions they’d like answered before doing business. Providing exceptional customer service will help you close the deal.

3. LEAD GENERATION: Lead generation is crucial for all clients. To capture new business for this client, we included a quick pitch about what’s being offer, then immediately offered an easy opt-in to the service. It’s important to make sure the design is inviting and enticing, such as in the image below.

4. VIDEOS: Including a video on the landing page can be a great way to engage your audience while also informing potential clients. Did you know that having a video on your landing page can increase conversion by over 80%? Remember to keep the video short and choose an engaging thumbnail.


If these web design highlights seem like something your business’s website could use, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.  Stay tuned for the next part of this series; digital advertising!