Dynamic Marketing 101: Websites

We’re excited to launch a new blog series highlighting the different services offered here at DMC! Each post will cover a strategic feature of a fully executed marketing strategy. We’ll be providing important tips and offer advice to help you build on your own marketing strategy. In part one, we’ll be discussing the importance of website design to improve conversion rates.

Having an up-to-date and functioning website is vital for any business, big or small, regardless of what product or service you provide. One of the most important tips to keep in mind for your website is to make sure it’s user friendly. Your site should be clean and easy for a viewer to navigate. Next, your content should be informative and engaging, but not overwhelming. Remember, potential clients come to your website to learn about not only your products and services, but about your company and culture as well. Make sure your website if offering the information your clients are seeking.

In the last year, the team at DMC has built over 10 new websites and dozens of landing pages for our clients, some with full navigation and dozens of pages, and others more streamlined for lead generation.

Here are some of our favorite features we’ve included in our recent web designs:

1. CONTACT INFORMATION: We make sure the company’s contact information and social media links are extremely easy to view, placing it on EVERY page in the header, footer, or both. This ensures you’re easily accessible when the client has done enough research on your page and decides they want to do business or follow you on social media.

2. INSTANT CUSTOMER SERVICE: We’ve included a “Send Us a Message” tab at the bottom right of this website that stays there the entire time you navigate the site. You’d be surprised by how many web users have quick questions they’d like answered before doing business. Providing exceptional customer service will help you close the deal.

3. LEAD GENERATION: Lead generation is crucial for all clients. To capture new business for this client, we included a quick pitch about what’s being offer, then immediately offered an easy opt-in to the service. It’s important to make sure the design is inviting and enticing, such as in the image below.

4. VIDEOS: Including a video on the landing page can be a great way to engage your audience while also informing potential clients. Did you know that having a video on your landing page can increase conversion by over 80%? Remember to keep the video short and choose an engaging thumbnail.


If these web design highlights seem like something your business’s website could use, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.  Stay tuned for the next part of this series; digital advertising!




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