Are You Delivering Happiness? – Tribute to Tony Hsieh, Past Zappos CEO

Last week we, unfortunately, lost a legendary entrepreneur, Tony Hsieh – past Zappos CEO.

As a tribute to Tony Hsieh, I will share 10 core values from Zappos to ensure you are delivering happiness to your team and clients. You can easily implement these into your life and business to build happiness. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all who have been touched by Tony’s insights, may his core values continue to deliver happiness across the world!


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Last week. We, unfortunately, lost a legendary entrepreneur. Past Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh. So as the Tribute to Tony, I will share with you 10 core values from Zappos to ensure you are delivering happiness to your team and clients I’m Devin Herz. Welcome to another episode of the DMC Marketing Nugget. We hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and you got to spend some time with your loved ones, that it was filled with happiness.

As we all focus on staying positive and motivated, we also got some bad news last week on the passing of Past CEO Tony Hsieh. I was fortunate enough to meet Tony at home and hear one of his great presentations about his values, and his book. Delivering smiles really had a major impact on me. So today I’m going to touch on 10 core values that Tony and his team at Zappos developed for their culture.

So let’s kick things off with his number one core value, deliver a wow through service due to the unexpected, take the extra steps to be remarkable.

It makes you try to wow, your team co-workers, and your clients. It’s not hard to do something a little bit different and something that’s memorable that will really make an impression on everyone that you work with. Remember to embrace and drive change, never accept the status quo. You need to respond quickly enough and adapt to change those that don’t adapt to change. typically fail. You’ve got to be nimble this day and age, and you got to be creative.

Number three, create fun and a little weirdness. Be unconventional. Make sure to be unconventional and be able to laugh at yourself and others on your team. Having fun is what life is really all about. And if I can learn how to say unconventional the correct way, I wouldn’t be able to laugh at myself either. So it makes sure you have some fun. And you’re a little weird.

Number four, be adventurous, creative, and open-minded, but don’t be reckless. Take bold and daring risks. If people are taking risks, you’re definitely going to have mistakes, but don’t worry about that.

That just shows that you’re making progress. And you want to learn from each of those mistakes. And we promise you that you will improve your skills.

Number five, pursue growth and learning, challenge yourself every day to grow and learn, challenge your team, to grow and learn. Don’t be stuck in a role where you’re not learning and growing. You’ll never get it right because there is always a way to do it better. So constantly figure out ways that you can take the next steps to educate yourself, educate your team, educate your clients on things that are going to make a difference, and help see you in a different light.

Number six, build open and honest relationships with communication, strong relationships, your team, and clients, we’ll help you accomplish more and it will help you accomplish it even quicker. Be a good listener and a good communicator. This will help you build the trust that you need for a successful and profitable relationship.

Number seven, build a positive team and family spirit. The best teammates take initiative. They take ownership of issues that are a positive influence on others.

You really want to be like family and support each other. It’s just going to make for a better overall atmosphere for your clients and for your internal teammates.

Number eight, do more with less. There’s always room for improvement and everything you do. Being more efficient and being able to innovate will help you stay ahead of possible competition. Mistakes are learning opportunities. This is another great one from Zappos and Tony. We must never settle for good enough because good is the enemy of great. Think about that one for a while.

Number nine, you gotta be passionate and determined about what you do. Excitement, passion, and urgency. We’ll help you drive your company forward. This will have a major impact on your vision and your goals.

Number 10, be humble. It doesn’t matter how amazing you are and how great your accomplishments have been it’s really the fact that you want to keep it simple, treat people the way you would like to be treated. Always be respectful to everyone to have confidence, but let your character speak for itself.

These are amazing core values that you can easily implement into your life and business to build happiness. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of Tony’s family and all that have been touched by Tony’s insights, made his core values, continue to deliver happiness across the world. If you’re ready to ramp up your marketing and want a team with these core values in place, feel free to schedule a strategy call with us at

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We’ll see you next week for another DMC Marketing Nugget. Here’s to your success.