What Makes YOU Stand Out from the Rest? Video Brochures – DMC Marketing Nugget

Are you looking to really WOW your potential clients? Look to #VideoBrochures!

This week’s #DMCMarketingNugget explores how Video products allow you to “show up differently” while staying consistent to your branding efforts and hitting your target audience from all angles. Video Brochures, as well as Video Business Cards, Video Boxes, and POS systems, provide the potential client with an element of surprise; They grab attention and that person is certainly going to share it with their colleagues, family and friends. Plus, they’re “dummy proof” as they automatically play upon opening. It’s immediate…no inserting of a thumb drive etc.

Client Success Stories: Watch the Marketing Nugget to see various video marketing product options and how companies like #FulmerSill and #NSAComputerExchangeCorp have seen success from utilizing our #PrintAVizion Video products. As a referral source, leave-behind item, or sales tool, you can’t go wrong.  Also, one HVAC company’s sales reps have increased their close rate from 1/10 to 1/2 – Exponential growth!

Creative Marketing Tactics: With less tradeshows and in-person meetings taking place, video brochures offer a great alternative to market your business. They easily get in the hands of decision makers, which increases opportunities and close ratios.

In conclusion, our Video Brochures are a game changer and a smart addition to your marketing strategy. Don’t underestimate the element of surprise Video Brochures provide, and how they awaken the senses. Why not give it a try?  Reach out to us at the link below for pricing details and a catalog. We look forward to getting started on your custom video project.

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