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I know a thing or two about unique direct mail marketing. Today, I want to show you how important it is to make your marketing unique and personal. And how easy it is with DMC.

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How excited were you to be addressed as “blog reader”? Probably not your favorite pet name, right? How much more meaningful would it have been for me to call you Peter? Or Jenny? Or Tim?

Names are a powerful way of reaching an individual and catching their attention. It is a key feature of personalization in your marketing.

But it’s not the only way you can make your direct mail specific. In fact, changing the salutation is old news in the marketing world. It’s effective but it’s really just the bare minimum of personalization.

Variety is the Spice of Life (and Marketing)

Depending on the expanse of your customer database, you can change a few things or many things to fit the needs and preferences of the individual receiving your mailer.

You can change:

  • salutations
  • pictures
  • offers
  • messages
  • and any other content to appeal to them on a personal level

Digitize Me!

Wait a minute… won’t personalizing all of this take hours and hours of time and effort? Honestly, I wouldn’t use it so much if it did require that level of effort. I mean, what do you think technology is for?!

Today, we have Variable Data Printing. This is a great synthesis of digital printing and computer databases which gives us far more flexibility and control over the content of your mailer. And it’s pretty much done for you. You make the specifications and the software does all the hard work for you.


Say you have a carpet cleaning service. Your target market could be a rather large range of ages. So instead of choosing something in the middle ground, you can appeal to the youngest group, the middle, and the older customers using some variation in your direct mail campaign.

Pictures – You can vary the main image you use. Show people using your service that are around the same age as the recipient, thus helping them relate immediately to it.

A trashed house after a great party
Two toddlers painting with red paint on a clean white carpet
Retirees too busy enjoying their free time to bother with the housework

Offers – You can change the offer given to appeal to what the customer would be able to afford or what they would most be interested in purchasing.

20% off for first time customers
A “buy three rooms, get the fourth free” offer
A discount for signing up for a monthly cleaning service

Contact Information – Even your contact information can be featured differently to appeal to your clients based on ways they might reach you. You’ll still want to include all of the contact information but, depending on the client, you could make one larger or more obvious than the others.

Barcode scan for their smart phones
Phone Number

These are just a few unique marketing ideas showing how individualizing your direct mail campaign can boost your success rates through the roof. Talk to me today and let me prove how game-changing this can be for your business!

Devin Herz


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