For this week’s post I had a chat with Val Sklar. She’s a client of ours and the owner of Bikram Yoga Pasadena, in California. I wanted to learn more about her experience working with us and maybe it’ll help you as well.

The Initial Concerns

DMC Bikram Yoga Pasadena

What was your initial concern about working with a direct marketing agency?
“I was overwhelmed by the whole process and worried about the price. I had never done this before.”
What did you find as a result of working with DMC?
“I was initially impressed with their openness to listen to my needs, their patience with helping me work through my many concerns, and their flexibility in helping me to include some designs that I was passionate about. DMC goes above and beyond and has produced designs for me in addition to the DMC mastery program.”
What did you like most about working with DMC?
“I like my primary point person, Austi, who makes sure all my needs, concerns, business, production, etc. are met to my standards and conducts all facets of my program.”
Where has DMC fallen short during our relationship with you?
“DMC initially had a small learning curve while learning my specific taste for designs around my brand. However, they were able to learn quickly and are now my trusted marketing solution consultants.”

The Benefits and Recommendations

What would be three other benefits about working with a direct marketing agency and specifically with DMC?
“I think the presentation of my marketing looks a lot more professional and puts me on at the top marketing levels to be able to compete with even large corporate fitness boutiques. Through their consulting methods, I was able to learn things about marketing that i would have never been aware of otherwise. And, I was able to determine target markets to make my marketing efforts more effective.”
Would you recommend DMC? If so, why?
“Yes! With DMC’s help, I’ve been able to take my marketing to the next level. I am now a marketing force in a competitive market. Thanks, DMC! I look forward to a long term relationship with you guys!”
The pleasure is ours, Val!
We love hearing from our clients. If you are interested in learning more about our services, we are always happy to help!

~Devin Herz


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