What is Your Logo Saying About Your Business?

Branding is an essential aspect of establishing any business. An effective branding strategy can set your business apart in an increasingly competitive market. While most people have a broadly defined idea of what branding means, few truly understand the weight and credibility branding can create for a company. Consider Coca-Cola, one of the most widely recognized brands in the world. They have created a presence so powerful in recent decades that according to Business Insider, their logo is recognized by 94% of the world’s population. So, what exactly does branding entail, and how does it affect your business? Today in this series, we are going to look at important considerations when designing your brand’s logo.

Your brand is the promise and value you offer your customers. It informs them as to what they can expect from your business, what you consider important and what sets you apart. So, before setting out to create the logo or slogan for your business, you should first decide – how do you want your business to be perceived? Is your business built upon generations of experience? Do you offer innovative solutions to modern challenges? By having a solid idea about the image you wish to exude, you can then being to spread your brand’s message and value through the strategic branding of your logo!

Strategic Logo Branding Made Simple

As we have discussed in previous blogs, clearly stating your value proposition enables your employees and work team to have a clear understanding of your company’s vision and goals. Value brings in leads and turns those leads into customers! So, let’s examine logo branding strategies and simple ideas to effectively build a brand logo for your business.

What are the key attributes you want to communicate about your brand? Getting clear on your brand’s message and value proposition is the first step before crafting your logo. Are you looking to garner attention by being a pioneer in the tech industry? Or are you an attorney offering legal services to enterprise clients? Both companies will be seeking to attract drastically different clients, and their brand logo should reflect this fact!

A Logo that Speaks for Itself

A recent article published by Forbes magazine took a detailed look at what goes into creating an effective brand logo, and important things to consider. It went on to talk about a shoe brand, White Mountain Footwear, and their experience with rebranding. They boasted a 20 percent increase in sales immediately after redesigning their typography. From friendly and approachable to traditional and trustworthy, the font used throughout your brand marketing will present an element of your business’s personality. Another widely recognizable logo – Google, boasts memorable bright colors and friendly, clean font. So be sure to research which font family will best suit your business needs when crafting your logo and marketing materials! There are countless resources available online from Google Fonts to fontsquirrel.

The study of color theory has prevailed for decades, and with good reason! Certain colors inspire various feelings and emotions and can either draw in potential clients – or turn them away. From a vibrant and playful yellow to a natural and practical shade of green, the color you choose to associate with your brand can creatively suggest what your business offers and have a tremendous impact on the outcome of your branding.

We’re Here to Help with Your Business Branding

While there are many software and online options you can utilize to create a logo for your business, getting started can be the hardest part. With all the above-mentioned considerations in mind, it can be overwhelming. From building a logo from scratch to breathing new life into an existing one, our marketing team has years of experience and the industry know-how to streamline the entire process. Reach out to us and for a consultation and see how we can take the first step to overhaul your business marketing and reach your business goals this year!


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