Discover Simple Yet Highly Effective Ways to Revive Your Brand

With digital marketing spending set to reach $106 billion dollars by the year’s end in the US alone, companies are investing more than ever on getting their brand in the public’s eye. But even the biggest and most omnipresent brands begin to grow stale over time. Evaluating the effectiveness of your brand’s presentation to your customers is an important step in staying relevant and being seen by your desired clients. With a detailed plan in motion, you can begin taking actionable steps to revive your brand!

Take a Fresh Spin on Your Branding

Your business might have tremendous potential, however, the way it is perceived could be stifling that potential. The way your customers look at, feel, value, and speak to others about your company directly correlates with your branding. From establishing your company’s values, brand slogan and mission statement, you are making a promise to your clients and building integrity and reliability.  So, determine what your brand seeks to specialize in, how they will position themselves as leaders and echo these ideas throughout your fresh new branding.

Rewrite Your Website and Sales Copy

Additionally, once you have established your new marketing initiatives, update your website and sales copy to reflect these changes. While having a website is generally regarded as essential in our modern digital climate, the content you provide on your website is equally, if not more important. Content marketing is a specialty all on its own. From incorporating best practices in encouraging customer conversions to flawlessly incorporating search engine optimization so your website ranks at the top of search engines, crafting compelling copy for your website is essential when giving your brand a facelift.

Next, rethink your print collateral. From business cards, letterhead to brochures, print collateral allows your company’s personality and message to be clearly communicated and leaves a tangible piece of your brand behind. So, what is your brand’s printed material saying?  Consider using elements of your updated website copy throughout your print marketing, to remain consistent in your message.

Spread Your New Message by Getting Your Video Marketing on Point

Forbes announced in a recent article that video is the future of content marketing. Large brands are turning to video content, both standard and live streaming, to leave a lasting visual impact on their customers. From YouTube, commercial spots, and social platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn, there are many ways to include video marketing strategies into your overall plan.

Live chat has been a strategy gaining popularity in recent years and is a cost-effective way to personalize your customers’ interactions with your brand while offering value. This is particularly impactful for a business offering a service versus a product. For instance, a dentist or attorney could capitalize on this idea by promoting an interactive Q&A through live stream video. Viewers then can ask questions relevant to your industry. Thereby allowing you to demonstrate authority in your field and establish more personalized rapport. So, consider this as a tool to revive your brand and promote your new improved image taking a simple yet effective leap into video marketing.

Another way to use video in your marketing is an eye-popping video brochure. A video brochure offers a memorable way to communicate your brand’s message as it marries video with print. Once you have determined the values and benefits you’d like to communicate about your brand, take your message to the people by placing a unique marketing tool right in their hands! From large scale direct mail to targeting specific clients with individual personalized video brochures, they are a sure way to get noticed when reviving your brand.

Looking Internally

As we have previously discussed, internal marketing is paramount when promoting initiatives within your company. Action will have a much greater impact than strategy. While it is difficult for great execution to support bad strategy, it is all too easy for poor execution to ruin a great marketing plan. By focusing on getting your employees on board with your updated branding, you can avoid an inconsistent and unfocused image to your clients.

Streamlining and How We Can Help Revive Your Brand

When a business is actively growing, it is common to experience slowed sales due to the effort placed in restructuring and updating marketing. Growing your brand can create unforeseen challenges like confusing offerings due to revising your marketing material and diminished branding across your company. By bringing in marketing professionals, you can be pro-active about this common pitfall and start seeing positive results sooner, and keep your business flowing smoothly.

Additionally, marketing professionals can help determine the best marketing initiatives for your company and work with you to incorporate your rejuvenated message flawlessly into every aspect of your marketing.

Now is the time to determine the kind of business you strive to become and how you’d like people to speak about your company and the value you provide. In doing so, your reputation will stick in the hearts and minds of your clients!


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