Updating Your Brand? Don’t Forget Video Too

We recently had the pleasure of assisting one of our long-time clients in refreshing their brand. Included in that process was updating their staff photos and obtaining new video footage to be used for their website and various marketing materials.As marketers, we can’t stress it enough how important it is to keep your photos and video footage current. When someone views your website and marketing materials, they should get a true look into your company and know exactly what to expect.

The Dynamic Marketing Consultants team flew on site to Texas to meet with the team at Cowen | Rodriguez | Peacock. We were there to advise and assist with their photoshoot and take the lead on capturing their new video footage.

We began working on the video strategy long before we flew to Texas. In order to properly strategize, we first had to understand how the videos would be used, who the audience is and in what formats the videos would be used. All of this helps our film team properly plan the perfect way to film; how long the videos should be, what angle to shoot, etc. With all of those particulars in mind, we were then able to create the storyboard sand write the scripts. With the help of everyone at Cowen | Rodriguez | Peacock, we filled in the missing pieces of industry specific lingo and decided what call-to-action would be used. In this case, we also received full translations for the videos as we would be filming in Spanish as well.

The most exciting part of the process was filming. We arrived on set with our DSLR cameras, wireless microphones,and lighting equipment. Our team helped break down the script to make it as easy as possible for the person being filmed. The most beneficial part about being in person and on set during the film process is that we are able to provide immediate feedback to make sure we capture the best, highest quality footage. Once we capture that footage, our video experts finalize the video,making any edits, adding music, b-roll,and other finishing touches.

From start to finish, the film process is very detailed and catered exactly to what our client’s needed. Video is a great asset to have in your marketing toolbox and can be used on your website and social media. DMC takes it one step further and can even help you add video to your printed marketing materials with products like video books and video brochures. Ready to learn more? Contact us today.



WOW Your Clients By Adding a Video Player to Your Sales Collateral

It’s important not to limit your content. Having informative, inspired sales collateral helps generate interest, demonstrates value, and builds credibility. What’s the best way to achieve this? With video! Adding a video player to your sales collateral allows you to transform your information and easily grab the attention of your audience.


Our team of experts is innovators in the unique world of video marketing and sales. We’ve tested what types of offers, messaging, designs, and delivery vehicles will generate optimal results and maximize ROI for our clients. We’ve adapted “InstaVizion” and “PrintaVizion” for our clients as well as our own sales collateral efforts; we’ve seen the results. We’re certain these products will revolutionize your business.

InstaVizion allows you to instantly add a video to your marketing materials, presentations, pitches, direct mail, and more! InstaVizion is a small video screen that you can stick to most all printed marketing materials and promotional items. Videos are updated to the device via micro USB, which comes with each InstaVizion purchase. This new video marketing strategy allows for immediate impact, as you can now easily add a video to just about anything, including flyers, brochures, direct mail, sales presentations, gift boxes, and more. Potential clients no longer need to get to your website to view your video content, you can send it to them in the mail!

PrintaVizion is another revolutionary way to add a video to your sales collateral. Video Books, Video Brochures and Video Mailers give you the power of print, video, and audio all in one. Our PrintaVizion offering embeds a lucid LCD screen in a hardbound book, a brochure, a catalog, or even a direct mail piece. This technology holds 20 plus minutes of video storage with clear audio that can be customized to your business’ needs. Just think of the possibilities when you can get through the gatekeepers and get your video messages right into your target audience’s hands, literally.

Utilizing video players as part of the sales collateral toolkit is an up-and-coming marketing strategy. InstaVizion and PrintaVizion are the next big digital marketing breakthroughs. Let DMC speed up your sales cycle with these unique product offerings. You’ll wow your clients while leaving your competition in the dust!

Why Business Cards Still Matter

Most everything we do in business today is digital, from signing contracts to attending meetings. With most business being done online, you may question if business cards still matter. The truth is that business cards are one aspect of business that will not be fully replaced by digital marketing anytime soon.

Here are 4 reasons why the “old school” business card is still so important to your company:

1. Business cards make networking personal

Networking is all about making a genuine connection with another person. While virtual networking has been successful in expanding business people’s networking circles, it hasn’t surpassed the face-to-face networking method of creating business relationships. Sending your contact information online may be convenient, but it is very impersonal. Strong, lasting relationships are created by engaging in eye contact and actual conversation. Giving a business card, and the in-person encounter that comes with it, will create a significant memory.

2. Business cards remain the most effective direct marketing tool

While email marketing and paid media do a great job attracting leads, they aren’t as effective as an in-person meeting along with a business card exchange. Think about it- you’re far more likely to ignore an email that prompts you to contact a business than you are to ignore a person who just gave you their information. Plus, you can encounter a potential contact or lead at any time – happy hour, an airplane – being prepared with a business card at all times will ensure you never miss an opportunity to make a business connection. Unlike digital, business cards are never inaccessible because of internet outages.

3. Business cards put a face to your business

A business card will serve as the first impression of your brand. The goal should be to make a memorable first impression. A successful business card does more that just list your contact information, it creates a connection to your business. Plus, a business card can act as a great ice breaker, to lead into a conversation with a potential lead. Your unique business card will fuel your conversation even further.

4. Business cards show you’re prepared

Having unique and professional business cards will cue potential leads that you are part of a legitimate business and will do right by them. Think about this- if you met two new people and one was writing their contact information on a cocktail napkin while the other person simply pulled out their business card, who would you want to do business with? Showing you’re always prepared is an excellent indicator that you’re professional.

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