How to Attract Potential Clients’ Attention – and Keep It!

How to Attract Potential Clients’ Attention – and Keep It!

Did you know, Americans are bombarded with an average of 4,000 advertisements a day? With all that competition for customers, how can your business even begin to stand out? By getting clear on the value your business provides, making the most of your social media presence and strategically using lead magnets, your business can effectively attract potential clients’ attention – and keep it!

Focusing on the Value Your Business Provides

A core principle in marketing is understanding your value. What motivates customers to convert and buy into your product or service? With this in mind, your marketing should focus on the problems you solve and how you’ll make your clients’ lives better. Your marketing campaigns should be aligned, from your business’s social media engagement to client email messages – all should have this concept as the central objective of your initiatives. Clearly stating your value proposition also enables your employees and management to have a clear understanding of your company’s vision and goals. Value brings in leads and turns those leads into customers! And a satisfied consumer will eagerly share things of value with their circle, helping you promote your business using the best method of all – word of mouth. By focusing on the value your business provides, you can effectively market your brand, attract potential client’s attention and place your company in front of the right people at the right time!

Take Advantage of Social Networks

While there will be some overlap between your followers, the people who follow you on Facebook likely aren’t the same people who have signed up for your company e-mails. Make the most of the content you create by looking to repurpose it and use your content across all of your social media channels. A blog post can be repurposed as an article in your newsletter; a Facebook post can be reimagined as a conversation-starting question on Twitter. By optimizing your marketing outreach across all your business’s social platforms, you are sure to engage and attract the attention of as many potential clients as possible.

Additionally, don’t underestimate the power of print advertising and direct marketing. While digital marketing has taken center stage as the most prominent form of marketing, print still packs a huge punch. Direct mail utilizes far less cognitive effort to process than digital media, which suggests it is easier to comprehend and most likely to be committed to memory. In a recent study, when asked to recall a company’s name in the advertisement they had just seen, the ability to remember was found to be 70% higher in participants who were shown a direct mail advertisement. That’s right – 75% of participants could recall the ad correctly when delivered through direct mail versus 44% for digital! So, if your business is primarily online, don’t neglect physical opportunities to attract client’s attention. From creating direct mail marketing campaigns to using eye-catching video brochures, there are countless ways to take a modern spin on print advertisement.

Consider Using Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are a fantastic way to get your customer’s attention by offering information of value in your field.  While you clearly want to avoid giving away too much of a product or service, you do want to provide something that has substantial enough value to intrigue your market. As an example, an attorney might provide a checklist to prepare for a court date with quick tips available in the form of a free PDF as an incentive for opting-in to their email list. You will then be able to continue providing your value proposition through quality content via e-mail – effectively attracting and keeping the attention of your potential clients. Other commonly used ways to increase a business’s e-mail list is by offering promo codes or discounts for electing to join.

Getting Noticed

By focusing on a few tried and true techniques, your business can stand apart and make a positive, impactful impression. Be sure to check out our other blogs for more ideas about how you can make the most of your marketing!

How A Unique Marketing Campaign Captivates Clients

Are you looking to reach a larger audience for your business?

Of course, you are!

Every business strives for more signups, clients, and subscribers. However, the problem lies in how to reach them quickly and without paying an excessive amount in areas that have little return on investment.

Thankfully, the secret to launching your company isn’t a secret at all.

A unique marketing campaign is the most dynamic way to rise above your competition and reach more of your target audience.

When implemented professionally, being creative in your strategy also allows you to spend less on stale marketing like newspaper ads, and start working toward ideas that promote your company on a grander scale.

A unique marketing campaign is a guaranteed way to build successful company recognition and outreach. Here are some innovative ideas Dynamic Marketing Consultants can implement to bring your business to the next level, and help you stand out in a competitive marketplace.

Unique Marketing Campaigns on Any Scale

Video brochures are a cutting-edge marketing tool and a stand out way to market your product or company. Combining media with print, video brochures will take your unique marketing campaign to a new level.

These brochures assert your message in a way that is yet to be seen by most of your clientele. Video is particularly powerful as a marketing tool, as it quickly builds trust. You are enabled to execute the presentation of your product fully, from imagery to data and graphics. This multi-sensory device places a revolutionary technology directly in the hand of your customer – using your personal message.

Your call to action will reach more potential leads, due to the social aspect of using such a remarkable tool. The return on investment provided by this marketing strategy is staggering. Imagine a customer’s immediate reaction upon receiving and opening their brochure, and how many people they will in turn share it with!

We have worked with clients offering unique marketing campaigns on a smaller scale as well. Our team has tested and proven various 3D mail concepts, sure to make your message stand out. We have even promoted events by using cell phone case invites! From the most powerful to the most practical, we have a unique marketing strategy campaign sure to help boost your cause.

Industry Professionals Help You Succeed

Our staff at Dynamic Marketing Consultants has decades of marketing experience and can take your unique marketing campaign a step further. We offer pre-event marketing strategy, so while you are busy planning your event, we’re busy behind the scenes helping you reach as many people as possible.

Following up is as important as outreach. Our team works to implement solid concepts to keep your leads engaged and reaching out to you. Having a reputable marketing team in your corner elevates your marketing strategy and by focusing on marketing from several angles, you’re sure to captivate the largest audience possible.

Instead of continuing to spend money on traditional advertising, take your business to the next level with out of the box ideas. If your goal is to grow your company, a unique marketing campaign is where to start.

Wake Up Your Sleeping Clients with A Reactivation Campaign

You took the time, effort,and resources to obtain each of your clients. How many of them are currently sitting stagnant in your database? Using a reactivation campaign is a cost-effective way to “wake” your clients up who have been “hitting snooze” on your services or product offerings.

When it comes to reactivation campaigns, it’s important to keep in mind your target audience and your goals. Your campaign could be direct mail or via email. Both are effective and engaging, although here are DMC, we know from experience how direct mail truly leaves a lasting impression.

Whether it be someone who previously engaged, expressed interest,or purchased from you, it’s important to think about enticing offers and promotions that will incentivize them to follow through now. You know they’re interested in what your business provides since they opted in. Don’t just tell your clients what you can do for them, show them you understand their needs and tailor the messaging to that. In our experience, we’ve found it is most effective to test offers to see which gets your clients to convert.

Here are a few of our latest reactivation campaigns:

If you’re ready to re-engage your clients with a reactivation campaign, contact our team today. We’ll help you create a unique marketing sequence that will have your clients picking up the phone!

Break Away from the Competition with DMC’s MiniZine Solution

With everyone glued to their cell phones and tablets these days, we’ve found an effective way to grab your client’s attention with a tangible, printed item. At DMC, one o four specialties is a MiniZine or “mini magazine”.

A MiniZine is a unique opportunity to provide your clients with important information as well as interesting, feel-good content. Anything from heartwarming stories to recipes or riddles –they’ll help engage your audience and give your MiniZine staying power. The MiniZine also offers the chance to make that personal connection with your clients too.You can feature your client and provide success stories or testimonials from them to truly make them feel special.

The best part is, our Direct Mail Experts work with you to create the perfect MiniZine with their latest Marketing Ideas. Maybe you want to touch base with your clients every month or quarter,or maybe you just want to send out an annual update. They make a terrific giveaway at an event or tradeshow too. MiniZines are totally customizable to your specific needs and wants.

At DMC, we can take your MiniZineone step further and turn it into a video that you can use on your website or social media. Video content is an excellent way to really catch the attention of your audience so we make sure to grab them both in the mail and in the digital world!

If you’d like to learn more about our MiniZine solutions, view our portfolio here and feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation with our team here.

3 Compelling Reasons Why Direct Mail Should be in Your Marketing Mix

If you have been investigating where your marketing dollars are best spent you most likely have read that direct mail marketing is a low cost high return on investment option. This article will do a good job detailing out what all the fuss is about with direct mail.  Direct mail marketing not only allows you to target your most likely of customer with the precision of a sniper rifle but it also allows you to personalize the offer. With this and the fact that you can track your marketing dollars with direct mail makes it a popular marketing option both for the small biz and the largest of corporations.

The ability to focus in and target only the most likely of customers is a huge asset to direct mail marketing. Companies of all sorts can purchase or rent lists of people with the most favorable demographics that match the existing customer base.  Income, Hobbies, Mortgage data are all available and extremely useful when developing a direct mail campaign. This type of marketing is with a precision focus as opposed to a more shotgun approach such as TV or Radio advertisements.

Personalizing the direct mail piece has shown time and time again to deliver the greatest of response rates. Mail pieces built dynamically with the information mentioned above assist in delivering a compelling offer that will be received favorably. People do not like to receive junk mail but they love receiving mail that is personalized and is relevant to them. New technologies such as variable data printing and Personalized URL’s are taking personalization to a whole new level.  Personalizing each piece of mail even with mailings in the 10’s of thousands of pieces is now simple and cost effective.

Tracking the response rate of direct mail has now become even more accurate with the advent and use of Personalized URLS (PURLs).  Direct mail offers now can contain web site links that are unique to the individual receiving the mail. Again the more personal the offer the better the response and with these tools available with direct mail this has become a very unique and responsive way to market products and services.

Utilizing direct mail along with Variable Data Printing and PURLs in your next marketing effort is certainly worth a good look. The Direct Mail experts at The Print Concierge are happy to show how you how we can work together and implement these new techniques and watch your response rates soar!

Let our team of experienced professionals rock out on your next innovative video campaign. We also provide the services for Website Development, Digital Marketing, Lead Generation Marketing and other related projects. Get started now by scheduling a free consultation.

6 McLessons in Marketing

Here are 6 quick things that McDonald’s teaches us about print advertising for your education …and enjoyment, because let’s face it, sometimes it’s more fun to learn from mistakes.

1) Sex Doesn’t Always Sell

This ad fell right on its face after the double cheeseburger got hit on by the cheap creepy dude, proving that the old phrase “Sex Sells” does not apply to everything. It’s great to push the envelope on marketing efforts, but sometimes it’s better not to cross the line. At least it got some attention, good or bad.


2) Reality Counts

McDonald’s customers took note when the burger they were promised in their marketing ads came up short in comparison, reminding us that honesty is still the best policy when it comes to what we’re telling people about our product. That obviously goes for pictures too.


3) Placement is Important

This little bit of simple marketing is proof positive that even the best marketing campaigns can fail when they aren’t delivered in the right way. Just another reason why targeted marketing is always going to be better than the spray and pray method of mass marketing.


4) Social Media Services Can Spark Unexpected Conversations

In today’s social media charged world, most can benefit from engaging followers on social media platforms; however, here again, McDonald’s teaches us to be careful what you wish for. This seemingly innocent campaign they launched to engage their audience in sharing their favorite McStories backfired quickly when customers began using it as a platform to air their complaints. Perhaps #McDisaster might have been more appropriate?

McDs4 McDs5

5) Concept Execution is Key

How could selling bags of ice possibly go wrong? McDonald’s proved that Murphy’s Law does exist with this one – although Murphy probably got fired after not proofing this concept before it went to print and became scorchingly viral. Incorporating logos and pictures into print marketing is a fun way to play off your customers’ visual senses, just make sure that you begin with the end in mind of what that campaign or piece will look like when on display for the world to see. Good price on mice though from what I understand.


6) Never Stop Trying

They currently spend millions of dollars on marketing every year, utilizing just about every media known to man. But even through all the marketing fails, when you consider that McDonald’s opened its doors 1955 and have been going strong ever since, there certainly must be something in that secret marketing sauce.


Ready to Take Your Marketing to the Next Level?

DMC is helping businesses grow by leaps and bounds with marketing ideas that have been time-tested with proven results.

And Yes… we pay attention to the details.

Schedule a Risk-Free Marketing Assessment with DMC today

Just One Amazing Way to Make Your Marketing Personal

Dear Blog Reader,

I know a thing or two about unique direct mail marketing. Today, I want to show you how important it is to make your marketing unique and personal. And how easy it is with DMC.

[Your Name Here]

personalize direct mail marketing

How excited were you to be addressed as “blog reader”? Probably not your favorite pet name, right? How much more meaningful would it have been for me to call you Peter? Or Jenny? Or Tim?

Names are a powerful way of reaching an individual and catching their attention. It is a key feature of personalization in your marketing.

But it’s not the only way you can make your direct mail specific. In fact, changing the salutation is old news in the marketing world. It’s effective but it’s really just the bare minimum of personalization.

Variety is the Spice of Life (and Marketing)

Depending on the expanse of your customer database, you can change a few things or many things to fit the needs and preferences of the individual receiving your mailer.

You can change:

  • salutations
  • pictures
  • offers
  • messages
  • and any other content to appeal to them on a personal level

Digitize Me!

Wait a minute… won’t personalizing all of this take hours and hours of time and effort? Honestly, I wouldn’t use it so much if it did require that level of effort. I mean, what do you think technology is for?!

Today, we have Variable Data Printing. This is a great synthesis of digital printing and computer databases which gives us far more flexibility and control over the content of your mailer. And it’s pretty much done for you. You make the specifications and the software does all the hard work for you.


Say you have a carpet cleaning service. Your target market could be a rather large range of ages. So instead of choosing something in the middle ground, you can appeal to the youngest group, the middle, and the older customers using some variation in your direct mail campaign.

Pictures – You can vary the main image you use. Show people using your service that are around the same age as the recipient, thus helping them relate immediately to it.

A trashed house after a great party
Two toddlers painting with red paint on a clean white carpet
Retirees too busy enjoying their free time to bother with the housework

Offers – You can change the offer given to appeal to what the customer would be able to afford or what they would most be interested in purchasing.

20% off for first time customers
A “buy three rooms, get the fourth free” offer
A discount for signing up for a monthly cleaning service

Contact Information – Even your contact information can be featured differently to appeal to your clients based on ways they might reach you. You’ll still want to include all of the contact information but, depending on the client, you could make one larger or more obvious than the others.

Barcode scan for their smart phones
Phone Number

These are just a few unique marketing ideas showing how individualizing your direct mail campaign can boost your success rates through the roof. Talk to me today and let me prove how game-changing this can be for your business!

Devin Herz