Repeating Success – the key is easier than you think!

Repeat business, new customers, and referrals don’t happen on their own. It starts with a great experience that “wows” people and makes them want to tell their friends. But then, you need to build on that experience by staying in touch with existing customers while also reaching new people in the process. That’s where marketing comes in.

Customers have expectations for your business, and you work hard to fulfill those expectations daily. Just as consistency makes you stand out from your competitors, it’s also critical when it comes to planning your marketing efforts. It’s a consistency that builds trust, and trust is the foundation for brand loyalty and promotion. Successful marketers do something for their business every single day!

Your various marketing efforts should be consistent with each other. You should develop a “tone of voice” for your brand that flows consistently from the in-person experience consumers will get, to your website, social media presence, email marketing and direct mail campaigns. Each piece of this marketing puzzle is just as important as the next and it’s critical that all efforts are cohesively telling your brand’s story.

Remember, you can’t build a business in spurts; working for a period of time then neglecting marketing efforts for days or weeks. You must constantly stay active in marketing your business to keep your clientele engaged. We know firsthand, it’s not easy and can be overwhelming. Trust the team at DMC to manage your marketing efforts – we offer customized packages specifically tailored to your business needs. You WILL see the results of a consistent marketing strategy!


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