Project Highlight – Tardus BFF Rewards Program

We tell our clients all the time that they are only limited by their own imagination. As such, we are constantly getting requests to take on new and different projects and we love every single one!

Recently, our friends and clients in Hawaii (who incidentally are in the financial sector) asked us to come up with a referral program to use with their clients. Of course, we all know that referrals are the absolute, number one, best type of lead to get for any business, so this was a great initiative for us to help them with. Their particular situation is unique in that while they are based in Hawaii, their clients and wealth coaches are scattered all over the US, so we needed to find a way to give the personal touch of a referral and connect it with the ease of the internet. This led to building out what we feel is going to be a great referral system for them for years to come.

Creating and developing this referral program from the ground up, we wanted to arm their clients with enough information to show their friends and family that that their financial coaching was worthy of exploration but without overloading them with all the nitty gritty details. Here’s just a sampling of the slew of resources that we provided for their clients to use:

v  Detailed Program Brochures to educate clients on the BFF program resources

v  Introduction Email providing BFF#s and details on the program for their future reference
v  BFF Swipe Emails for clients to use in introducing Tardus to their associate

v  Personalized Business Cards (with their names and BFF#s), printed and shipped to clients directly for them to hand out to others

v  Copy & Paste BFF Social Media Posts with both text and imagery for clients to use on their various accounts inviting their friends to check out the program

v  Landing Page with Lead Magnet and form that includes the BFF# area for tracking referrals more easily

v  Adjusted Lead Nurture Sequence for referred leads that encourage them to take the next step

Armed with these resources, they are now able to introduce their friends to their wealth strategy and coaching program with ease AND get credit toward referral gifts and prizes when that person joins…that’s where the BFF# comes in.

While most people know “BFF” to stand for Best Friends Forever, we used a play on that with this program for potential leads to feel empowered to Become Financially Free, which is the basic premise of what this company provides. By tracking who the referral source is with their BFF#, they also have the ability to incentivize their clients to generate more referrals by offering them gift card rewards and even a trip to Hawaii for their top referral sources during the year.

Exciting stuff for all involved, including the company with new leads coming in, referrals that are introduced to a great wealth building system, and their clients who get to benefit too just for making introductions. That’s what I call a win, win, win scenario!

In addition to the collateral materials that were provided to their clients to use, we also needed to work with them to integrate this whole system with their CRM to automate the flow and operation of the system within their current marketing and sales processes.

With our team of expert copywriters, graphic designers, web developers, project managers, and more, there were a lot of eyes on this project, which in the end has been great for our client and a blast for us to work on as well.

Here’s to the success of the Tardus BFF Rewards Program!

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