The Best Social Media Design | How To Supercharge Your Brand with DMC

In this episode of the “Branding Series”, Devin Herz continues the discussion with social media image design and how to supercharge your brand by designing some cool graphics for different types of social media!

Utilize the best social media design to garner the most attention. Joined by the lead designer at DMC, Joe Rowe, they discuss how designing social media post images is an important part of any company’s branding strategy.

As social media becomes even more prominent in the lives of consumers, it is becoming increasingly necessary for companies to design posts that not only look professional but also are consistent with their brand.

This episode is the third in a 4-part series on brand and the re-branding of Virginia Beach Boat Church, a church that meets on the water in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Join us for this week’s DMC Marketing Nugget and get inspiration on how to uniquely reach your ideal clients!

Watch the DMC Marketing Nugget to Discover:

Key Takeaways from this episode:

  • Why content is king
  • Knowing your demographics
  • How you should post for your business

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