E-Commerce Success with Email Marketing: An Interview with Josh Kropkof, CEO of The Email Agency

Join Devin Herz on this episode of the DMC Marketing Nugget as he interviews Josh Kropkof, the dynamic Co-Founder and CEO of The Email Agency. Discover how Josh leverages the power of email marketing to elevate e-commerce businesses, driving them beyond the 7-figure mark with strategic direct response email marketing and expert copywriting.

In this insightful conversation, Josh shares his entrepreneurial journey, starting from his law studies to launching a successful digital information venture with his brother. Learn how their initial weekly newsletters evolved into a full-fledged email marketing agency, generating tens of millions of dollars in email-attributed sales for e-commerce brands.

Key highlights include:

  • A 700% year-over-year increase in email revenue for Mixtiles.
  • Tripling Black Friday Cyber Monday email sales for Craft Sportswear.
  • Raising $500K for charitable causes through email and SMS marketing.

Josh also discusses the impact of AI on email marketing and offers valuable advice for business owners struggling to convert their email opt-ins. Don’t miss this episode packed with actionable insights and strategies to supercharge your email marketing efforts.

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