5 Strategies for Success in Business Marketing – Attorney Reveals Strategies for Long-Term Success – DMC Marketing Nugget

Not your grandad’s law firm! Learn more about Fulmer Sill in our latest #DMCmarketingnugget

What’s the REAL secret to building long-term, sustainable success in a business? It all STARTS with the relationships you have with your community. Attorney Simone Fulmer quickly grew her firm’s revenue by 1000% using the 5 strategies she reveals in our latest episode.

Here’s a quick overview of the 5 tips – Discover more in the video!

#1 – Build Relationships with your Top 25 Referral Sources

#2 – Be Interesting, Show your Human on Social Media

#3 – Network, Network, Network!

#4 – Community Involvement

#5 – Let your Team get Involved, Show their Personality, be Silly

Want to learn more? Duplicate Simone’s success in your business by learning her “5P Formula” at: https://www.FulmerSill.com/5P


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