Digital Marketing 101: Digitize Your Direct Mail

In part three of our blog series, we’re going to explore direct mail. You may be thinking, aren’t we covering digital marketing in this series? Yes! We’re going to discuss how to bring your traditional mail pieces into the digital era.


To really catch your recipient’s attention, it’s important your mail piece be customized to the individual. pURLS are personalized URLs used in direct mail. Within the mail piece you send to your client list, included is a URL to a landing page that is created specifically for the recipient. pURLS are a great tool that allows the recipient to feel a more personal connection, which in turn helps increase the response rate. With these URLs, you can track responses in real-time, follow up with the warmest leads, and see your return on investment steadily increase.



Video Mail

The latest tech innovation to hit direct mail marketing is video mail. An actual video screen is placed within a direct mail piece to truly connect with the recipient. Methods like PrintaVizion and InstaVizion allow you to create unique mailers complete with print, audio, and video all in one. This cutting-edge technology will drastically speed up your sales cycle!

QR Codes

These days, everyone’s cell phones are always within reach. Why not send a piece of direct mail that allows the recipient to follow through using their cell phone? Add a QR code to your mail piece to bring it into the digital era. You can have your QR lead to a landing page, generate a coupon, or direct a user to the app store to download an app. Similar to pURLS, you can track visits to your QR code, allowing you to analyze the efficiency of your mail piece.

With everyone relying so heavily on email, it’s refreshing to receive an eye-catching piece of mail, especially when they rise to the next level by incorporating some of these digital methods. We’re certain you’ll see an increase in responses!

Stay tuned, next month we’ll be discussing the importance of social media!


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