Event Domination – How to Dominate Your Next Event

For those of you that do tradeshows or events: this video is for you! Everyone knows that purchasing vendor space or sponsorships can be expensive. The question then becomes – how are you going to capitalize on it and make sure you get a positive return on investment? In this episode, Devin Herz, Chief Creative Consultant with DMC, shares a wealth of insight on how you can dominate your next event, including the biggest oversight most business owners make when attending an event, and how you can generate overwhelming success. It’s not rocket science BUT it does take careful planning and strategic effort in order to walk away feeling like it was time well spent in gaining the exposure your business craves.

A Knock-Out Success Story

We’re excited to share a recent knock-out Dynamic Marketing Consultants success story!

Over the last few months, the team at DMC has partnered with former boxing champion, Ronald “Winky” Wright. Since retiring, the former middle-weight boxing champion has taken on the Florida housing market, looking to rebuild old neighborhoods, one home at a time. Through his Champion Home Buyers brand, he’ll purchase any home for cash and give it a positive facelift, helping raise the value of properties and neighborhood aesthetic all over Florida.

“We are lucky to live in an area with so many great athletes. Being able to team up with one of them recently is an amazing opportunity for DMC. Knowing all the great things that Winky does for his community, it was an honor to help him bring his vision to reality with Champion Home Buyers. The fact that Winky and his team are in this business to help people in need also makes their projects very gratifying for us.” – Devin Herz, Founder at DMC.

Although already a celebrity in his own right, it’s no doubt that our work with Winky has helped advance his brand to the next level. Our team created a website that resonates perfectly with the champion’s culture and tone of voice. The web content is a unique mix of boxing and real estate, enticing potential clients while setting his business apart from the competition.

Along with the digital content, we’ve also created a large mix of marketing for Winky and the Champion Home Buyers team. Each marketing piece was strategically planned to maximize efficiency and drive in clientele. DMC successfully increased brand recognition in the Florida area with Champion Home Buyers door hangers, posters, flyers and much more.

This is just one example of a fully-executed marketing strategy we’ve implemented. See more success stories in our portfolio on our recently revamped website.

Are you ready to be our next success story?

Green Tech Tips for Earth Day

Today, as we acknowledge this great planet we live on, it’s important we keep in mind that in order to truly make a difference, we need to “go green” – not just today but every day. Lucky for us, it’s become much easier to be a more energy-efficient and environmentally responsible in the workspace.

Here are 4 green-tech tips in honor of Earth Day:

1. Look for Labels

The bright blue Energy Star label is your first indicator that your product is more efficient than a standard model. This will save you money while helping the planet! Efficiency specifications vary by category but are established by comparing the specific product’s efficiency to the standard set by the government. Look for the Energy Star label when purchasing office items like computers, copy machines, monitors, and printers.

2. Smaller is Better

Laptops and tablets are designed to be energy efficient by maximizing battery life to last as long as possible. An iPad uses 35% less energy than the average desktop does. If you’re looking to purchase new technology for the office, consider downsizing to a laptop or even a tablet, instead of buying another desktop.

3. Go Solar

Using solar power cuts down energy costs as you eliminate pollution. Solar options are becoming plentiful and affordable in the U.S. Going solar doesn’t have to mean getting solar panels to power the entire office. For around $20 dollars, you can purchase a solar cell phone charger to power up anywhere under the sun! Fill your office up with solar power sources and along with helping the environment, you’ll see a great decrease in the monthly energy bill!

4. Recycling + Reusing

When upgrading your office gadgets, remember there are plenty of ways to reuse, recycle, or even get cashback on your old gadgets without turning them into landfill toxins. Big names like Apple, Amazon, and Target have buyback programs for your used gadgets. You can also contact your local town administration for information on recycling programs for items like batteries and old electronics.

At Dynamic Marketing Consultants, we’re very cognoscente about doing our part to save the planet by running an environmentally responsible business. We hope you join our efforts by adopting some of these easy, cost-efficient “green tech” tips this Earth Day!

Stop Bunting and Aim for the Fences!

Baseball season started up again this last weekend, and I just couldn’t help myself when I started thinking about all the times I met with business owners who insisted on bunting for their business just as a safe way to “get on base.”

But, for those who are setting their sights much higher, and trust me we meet with a lot of those business owners too, DMC is “on deck” and ready to help knock it out of the park!

Remember, in business and life in general, not every at-bat turns into a home run, but the more times you step to the plate, the more home runs you’ll hit.

To show you we’re in it to win it, the DMC team recently overhauled our entire website and I couldn’t be more proud. I’d love to hear your feedback on it to let me know if we hit the grand-slam or not.