Is Your Company ’Positioned’ to be Attractive to a Buyer? – Video

Join Devin Herz as he discusses how to ‘Position’ your company to be attractive to a buyer with Gordon Van Wechel of Alchemy Transitions. Special guest, Gordon Van Wechel has built and sold three businesses in three different industries. He is the author of nine books, numerous articles, and training manuals. A frequent speaker to […]

From Surviving to Thriving | Build a Marketing System That Works for You – Audio

Join Devin Herz as he discusses the importance of marketing systems with Robin Robins, one of the most in-demand IT Marketing Consultants in the world. Special guest, Robin Robins is the IT industry’s most in-demand marketing consultant, sales trainer, and direct response marketing consultant who specializes in developing strategic marketing, sales, and lead generation systems […]

How to Keep Website Visitors Engaged | The Best Live Chat Team

To have chat or not to have chat? That is the question. I’m sure everyone out there has been on a website and BOOM! In the lower right-hand corner, a chat icon pops up to greet you. Nelson Bruton, president of interchanges, a lead generation firm in business for years joins us to discuss having […]