Norris Needs Wheels

As we’ve said before, at DMC, we love giving back to the communities we serve and helping our clients achieve success while working for a greater cause. In addition to helping our clients achieve their charitable goals, DMC takes on some causes of our own, and right now our goal is to help our friend, […]

Stop Bunting and Aim for the Fences!

Baseball season started up again this last weekend, and I just couldn’t help myself when I started thinking about all the times I met with business owners who insisted on bunting for their business just as a safe way to “get on base.” But, for those who are setting their sights much higher, and trust […]

3 Compelling Reasons Why Direct Mail Should be in Your Marketing Mix

If you have been investigating where your marketing dollars are best spent you most likely have read that direct mail marketing is a low cost high return on investment option. This article will do a good job detailing out what all the fuss is about with direct mail.  Direct mail marketing not only allows you […]