Norris Needs Wheels

As we’ve said before, at DMC, we love giving back to the communities we serve and helping our clients achieve success while working for a greater cause. In addition to helping our clients achieve their charitable goals, DMC takes on some causes of our own, and right now our goal is to help our friend, Norris, cross the finish line.

Norris is a 19-year-old with Cerebral Palsy- Spastic Diplegia, and he needs our help to achieve his dream of reaching the 2020 Paralympics in Tokyo. Although Norris has already made a name for himself by breaking several records, he is striving to reach the global arena which demands added dedication, training, and the best equipment possible. Norris is in need of Corima Carbon wheels and a roller trainer that will allow him to be able to train indoors, regardless of weather. The cost of the Corima 700 C wheels and training equipment is $4000 and the travel cost to get to Switzerland for the Olympic Trials will be just over $1000.

To help our friend Norris, we’re working to share his story with as many people as possible. We’ve created the hashtag #NorrisNeedsWheels to spread the word on social media. To donate to the cause or for more information about Norris and his dream, visit the Norris Foster GoFundMe page. We thank you in advance for your generosity, caring, and support for this incredible young man and future Olympian!

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Stop Bunting and Aim for the Fences!

Baseball season started up again this last weekend, and I just couldn’t help myself when I started thinking about all the times I met with business owners who insisted on bunting for their business just as a safe way to “get on base.”

But, for those who are setting their sights much higher, and trust me we meet with a lot of those business owners too, DMC is “on deck” and ready to help knock it out of the park!

Remember, in business and life in general, not every at-bat turns into a home run, but the more times you step to the plate, the more home runs you’ll hit.

To show you we’re in it to win it, the DMC team recently overhauled our entire website and I couldn’t be more proud. I’d love to hear your feedback on it to let me know if we hit the grand-slam or not.

3 Compelling Reasons Why Direct Mail Should be in Your Marketing Mix

If you have been investigating where your marketing dollars are best spent you most likely have read that direct mail marketing is a low cost high return on investment option. This article will do a good job detailing out what all the fuss is about with direct mail.  Direct mail marketing not only allows you to target your most likely of customer with the precision of a sniper rifle but it also allows you to personalize the offer. With this and the fact that you can track your marketing dollars with direct mail makes it a popular marketing option both for the small biz and the largest of corporations.

The ability to focus in and target only the most likely of customers is a huge asset to direct mail marketing. Companies of all sorts can purchase or rent lists of people with the most favorable demographics that match the existing customer base.  Income, Hobbies, Mortgage data are all available and extremely useful when developing a direct mail campaign. This type of marketing is with a precision focus as opposed to a more shotgun approach such as TV or Radio advertisements.

Personalizing the direct mail piece has shown time and time again to deliver the greatest of response rates. Mail pieces built dynamically with the information mentioned above assist in delivering a compelling offer that will be received favorably. People do not like to receive junk mail but they love receiving mail that is personalized and is relevant to them. New technologies such as variable data printing and Personalized URL’s are taking personalization to a whole new level.  Personalizing each piece of mail even with mailings in the 10’s of thousands of pieces is now simple and cost effective.

Tracking the response rate of direct mail has now become even more accurate with the advent and use of Personalized URLS (PURLs).  Direct mail offers now can contain web site links that are unique to the individual receiving the mail. Again the more personal the offer the better the response and with these tools available with direct mail this has become a very unique and responsive way to market products and services.

Utilizing direct mail along with Variable Data Printing and PURLs in your next marketing effort is certainly worth a good look. The Direct Mail experts at The Print Concierge are happy to show how you how we can work together and implement these new techniques and watch your response rates soar!

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