Norris Needs Wheels

As we’ve said before, at DMC, we love giving back to the communities we serve and helping our clients achieve success while working for a greater cause. In addition to helping our clients achieve their charitable goals, DMC takes on some causes of our own, and right now our goal is to help our friend, Norris, cross the finish line.

Norris is a 19-year-old with Cerebral Palsy- Spastic Diplegia, and he needs our help to achieve his dream of reaching the 2020 Paralympics in Tokyo. Although Norris has already made a name for himself by breaking several records, he is striving to reach the global arena which demands added dedication, training, and the best equipment possible. Norris is in need of Corima Carbon wheels and a roller trainer that will allow him to be able to train indoors, regardless of weather. The cost of the Corima 700 C wheels and training equipment is $4000 and the travel cost to get to Switzerland for the Olympic Trials will be just over $1000.

To help our friend Norris, we’re working to share his story with as many people as possible. We’ve created the hashtag #NorrisNeedsWheels to spread the word on social media. To donate to the cause or for more information about Norris and his dream, visit the Norris Foster GoFundMe page. We thank you in advance for your generosity, caring, and support for this incredible young man and future Olympian!

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A Win Win Situation: Where Marketing and Charity Come Together

We’re so excited to share our recent success stories helping our clients generate money for great causes! At DMC, we’re all about giving back to the communities we serve and we’re very proud of how our efforts have exceeded not only ours but our client’s expectations.

Page Likes and Big Giving

One of our clients, Cowen | Mask | Blanchard is very involved in their local community in South Central Texas. Every year, the area participates in The Big Give, 24 hours of online giving fueled by generous donors, creative nonprofits, social media, and the collaboration of many businesses devoted to the region.

Our team at DMC couldn’t have been more excited to help CMB’s efforts for The Big Give. We knew the best way to generate donations was to put together a Facebook ad campaign. For each new “like” to the CMB Facebook page generated by the ad campaign, CMB would donate $2 to the San Antonio Food Bank. Within just 24 hours, the ad campaign we put together generated 106 likes! Through The Big Give, we were able to donate the funds generated ($212) to the San Antonio Food Bank which serves 58,000 individuals each week!

This campaign for CMB Attorneys not only generated donations but increased page views, likes, video views, reach, and post engagement for CMB. This was an all-around win for our client, The Big Give, and the San Antonio Food Bank; we’re very proud we got to be the implementing force behind it!

Charity Challenges

One of our clients, Tardus Wealth Strategies, has been serving the country with their patented wealth system and wealth coaches to help their members achieve financial success and even become millionaires. To give back to the community where the company was founded, they asked us to help them encourage their members to raise money for Make-a-Wish Hawaii – with an overall goal of $13,000 for the year.

For our first “charity challenge,” we decided to do an email blast with a $1000 matching offer from CEO, Tanisha Souza. We created the copy, design, and blasted the email to their lists – generating an impressive $3,210 within hours – far beyond the $1000 goal for this first challenge.

Our next challenges will include a 24-hour Facebook page like the campaign from COO, Chris Souza, announced via email and accompanied by boosted Facebook posts, and a VIP membership matching campaign that encourages the regular members to meet the matching goal of the VIP group.

We love being part of marketing that makes a difference, not just for our clients but for causes we can all believe in. To learn how we can catapult your business to lasting success, contact our team for a free consultation.