Attorney Marketing: Are You Effectively Capturing Leads?

When the average person is seeking an attorney, they have an urgent matter at hand. Nearly all contact with an attorney is considered a time sensitive matter to the client. From a car accident, newly received divorce paperwork, or pending legal trouble when a client contacts a law office, they are actively seeking your services – and quickly. No doubt many of your leads come via word of mouth and referrals. However, you could be sleeping on a golden opportunity to capitalize on warm leads. When a potential client reaches out to your firm, whether it be through an online interaction or a phone call, your staff needs to be ready.

While communicating online has become a cornerstone in marketing in recent years, having a solid lead conversion strategy in place when warm leads call is vital. Consider yourself on the other end of the scenario presented at the beginning of this blog. Would you leave a voicemail? Or would you continue to call competitors until you spoke with someone about your concerns?

Consider offering training to your reception staff about how to appropriately handle a warm lead and maximize the chances of retaining the client. Even when you are not available to speak on the phone immediately, having your office staff obtain the client’s contact information versus sending them to voicemail can make a tremendous difference. By assuring the client that your office understands the urgency of their concerns, they will feel heard and in good hands. Establish a time-frame for a return call regarding all new clients, and if you do happen to be too busy to respond as timely as you’d like, it’s better to ask forgiveness than to miss an opportunity to have a personal conversation.

Authority Branding and Attorney Marketing Online

Next, let’s consider online marketing for attorneys and break down a quick strategy to establish authority in your area of expertise. An effective and simple way to join in on the digital media marketing trend is to create a long-form video. Record a video of yourself appealing to the general needs of your clients and mention favorable alternatives to common scenarios. For example, a criminal attorney could speak about DUIs, avoiding jail time, and the opportunity to reduce penalties or fines. Once you have the video in final form with simple edits, you are ready to upload!

Share the video from your business YouTube account to your social media and website. From different defenses available to case success stories, create a video highlighting your knowledge and opening a dialogue with potential clients. Be sure to share high-value information to your followers and demonstrate your authority in the industry. From there, consider using the video to promote your services through Facebook using advertisements! Sharing this kind of content versus standard pitches allows your industry authority to speak for itself and promoting videos with immediate value to clients increases the chances of them listening and remembering your business.

This strategy for online attorney marketing is particularly effective as you are repurposing the video for multiple platforms, supplying digital video content to be viewed at any time, and keeping your business in front of potential customers.

Attorney Marketing and Lead Retention Made Simple

Needless to say, placing your focus in the right area when marketing your law firm can be difficult. Hopefully, we have established a solid starting point, as well as a few things to consider when interacting with warm leads and appealing to new ones online.

At Dynamic Marketing Consultants, we have experts happy to assist you with everything from video editing to updating your branding. As always, we welcome questions and are excited to help establish or expand your law firm’s marketing strategy!

Experts in Attorney Marketing

If you’re looking to grow your business in the coming years, it’s extremely important your firm is properly marketing itself. It’s never too late to establish goals and put a marketing plan in place to help you achieve them.

Here are 3 of the most important aspects for attorney marketing:


Consistency is key when it comes to your brand. Your firm should develop a “tone of voice” for your brand, (think logo, color scheme, font, etc.)that flows consistently from the in-person experience clients will get, to your website, social media presence, email marketing,direct mail campaigns, and marketing/event materials. All of these different pieces should cohesively represent your brand and feel like a piece of the whole.


Most often, new clients will review your website before they even make an appointment to meet you. From the start, your website should be easy to navigate and mobile friendly. If you miss either of those, you’ll likely lose a large portion of your potential audience.Users should be able to get a clear understanding of your firm just by visiting the first page. Your website should highlight your firm and its best assets; testimonials are a must.Lastly, make sure your firm’s contact information is available on every page of your site. You do not want to miss the opportunity for a potential client to call your office or send an email.

Firm Photos & Videos

As attorneys, your face is very important to your brand. It’s important to maintain up to date firm photos and videos so potential clients can see the true faces behind your firm. In the legal industry, it’s important to be authentic;fresh photos and video content will give clients the proper representation right from the start.

The most important factor to keep in mind is to stay active in marketing your business. If you need help setting goals and implementing a plan, the team of marketing experts at DMC is ready to help. Review our different solutions and contact our team to get started with a intro call!