Tired of Handling Your Own Social Media?

Save 50 hours a month, be relevant, stay consistent, increase engagement, shine above your competition and put your social media on autopilot within 30 days while removing the stress of social media forever.

Here’s how we help you save time, stand out, and put your marketing on autopilot:

1. Handle the research

We get to know you, understand your core values, who your ideal clients are and then research your business, industry, and social media profiles to come up with great ideas for your social media.

2. Develop dynamic designs

First we optimize your 3 main social accounts, then our award-winning design team creates 18 dynamic post designs + 2 Gifs or VIdeos for the upcoming month.

3. Create engaging captions

We will write unique content tailored for your business and industry

4. #wedoyourhashtags

Do the research to determine most effective hashtag strategies to reach the right audience

5. Receive posts monthly

You’ll receive a notification when all the posts for the upcoming month are ready.

6. Collaborative workspace

You’ll have access to view all creative work, provide feedback, and monitor progress

7. Develop your post calendar

Your collaborative workspace features a calendar to provide you with a clear picture of what your upcoming month of social looks like


8. Review & approve

Your only task is to review the posts and give us feedback. The approved posts get posted to your social media on an agreed-upon schedule.\

9. Manage implementation

Not only do we save you hours on creative, but we will also save you even more hours on implementation by posting all of the content we develop for you to all pertinent social media platforms


10. Monthly strategies

While we do most of the heavy lifting, we will provide you with strategies of what you and your team can do to enhance our efforts. We will provide monthly tips and tricks and videos with social media experts to enhance your business.

11. Project manager

You will have your own project manager to collaborate with to ensure your content meets and exceeds your expectations

12. Monthly call and/or questionnaire

To get the most out of this system, we require updates and information about your business on a monthly basis. We handle this process with 1 monthly 30-minute call with your project manager and/or a simple questionnaire that will provide us the information we need for success. 

13. Quarterly review

Checks and balances are important so we will meet once a quarter for an hour to discuss past efforts and future goals to continue enhancing our efforts.

Quarterly Plan

Social Media on Autopilot
$ 2,750 Monthly
  • List Item #1
  • List Item #2
  • List Item #3

Bi-Yearly Plan

Social Media on Autopilot
$ 2,500 Monthly
  • List Item #1
  • List Item #2
  • List Item #3

Yearly Plan

Social Media on Autopilot
$ 2,000 Monthly
  • List Item #3
  • List Item #3
  • List Item #3