Unlocking the Power of Original Research in Content Marketing with Becky Lawlor

In this episode of DMC Marketing Nugget, we sit down with Becky Lawlor, the visionary founder of Redpoint Content, an agency specializing in original research and content marketing. With over a decade of experience working with B2B tech giants like Adobe, IBM, and Zapier, Becky shares insights into the transformative impact of original research on brand recognition and lead generation. Discover how to leverage storytelling, audience targeting, and data analysis to create engaging content. If you’ve been struggling to capture your audience’s attention, this episode provides actionable strategies and distribution tips.

Plus, don’t miss Becky’s e-book, “11 Simple Tips For Making Your Research-Based Content Credible And Compelling.”

Tune in and elevate your content marketing game! Connect with Becky on LinkedIn for more valuable insights – https://www.linkedin.com/in/beckylawlor/.