How to Use Direct Mail Marketing Effectively – Generate More Business in 2021 – DMC Marketing Nugget

Look we realize it’s harder and harder to grab people’s attention. No trade-shows, less in person meetings, you have to compete with 100s even 1000s of messages daily. So how do you stand out? Look to Direct Mail! It’s an effective marketing tool that often gets overlooked in today’s digital world.

This week’s DMC Marketing Nugget should inspire you to give Direct Mail another look.

For us, direct mail is where it all began. We’ve printed over a million pieces of direct mail and created some of the most ROI generating strategies.

The Goal: Make sure your direct mail campaign very targeted and personalized.  Did you know? Most of the people who buy from you, have already done business with you.  So, it’s super important that you design your mailers with this audience in mind. It’s also imperative that you create a multi-touch campaign that mixes in social media and email elements as well. With QR codes making a comeback, you can utilize direct mail to drive traffic to your website landing page.

Fun Fact: Studies show the younger generation surprisingly prefers receiving creative direct mail in comparison to emails!

Also, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on your direct mail campaign. We can help you come up with the best strategy to reach your ideal audience.

We hope you found this Marketing Nugget informative and that you’ll consider implementing some fun direct mailer pieces into your next targeted marketing campaign.

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