How to Scale YOUR Business in 2021 by Starting YOUR Own Cult (kind of) – DMC Marketing Nugget

Looking to grow a cult? Not the traditional kind – but the kind that can’t stop telling people how great your business is? This week, we have a one on one with 8-time best-selling author and co-host of top-rated podcast Sharkpreneur, #SethGreene. Seth is also the Founder of Market Domination. Listen in and hear how Seth uses his easy-to-follow method to scale his business and the businesses of countless others!

Seth’s Background: Starting out, Seth was working as a financial advisor for a Fortune 500 Firm, making cold calls asking people to invest. To put it bluntly, he didn’t enjoy it.  He thought, there has to be a better way.  Doing his research, he came across legendary marketer, Dan Kennedy and solicited his advice.  After 2 years of implementing Dan’s suggested strategy, Seth went from last place in his Fotune 500 Firm, to the Top 30 in the nation for financial advisors opening new accounts.  And, this was all before the internet took rank.

He was written about in trade journals which led to other financial advisors seeking his help. Seth circled back to Dan Kennedy, asking “what should I do?” and Dan suggested “start your own marketing company and do it for them.”  The rest is history – Marketing Domination formed 13 years ago and has seen much success, serving over 2,000 clients.

Growing Your Business: Seth’s success stems from taking word of mouth referrals to the next level by building a “cult” of people in your industry who will drive business for you, telling the world about your business. Our latest #DMCMarketingNugget showcases Seth’s 5 Value Bombs for generating a cult following and tips for success. Listen to the nugget to learn more. It all starts with defining your target audience and going from there!

In conclusion, this week’s nugget is a valuable tool to jump start your 2021! Let’s make it a great year. Thank you for following us and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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