7-Figure Breakthrough | Unleash the Power of C-Com | With Paul Ace

In this episode, Devin Herz talks with special guest Paul Ace, Founder of Amplify C-Com about how to achieve a 7-Figure Breakthrough and increase your conversion rates on your front-end products and high ticket when you unleash the power of C-Com.

Paul Ace, popularizing the concept ‘C-Com’ through the trifecta of psychology, technology, and dataology. He founded Amplify C-Com, helping 7 figure businesses break through their glass ceiling and generate an extra six-figure+ in new revenue through crafting an 80% human-like and 20% human customer journey.

Tune in and see how you can harness the power of using conversational commerce to shatter your glass ceiling and increase your conversion rates.

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Key Takeaways from this episode:

• The meaning of C-Com
• 80/20 rule for automation
• Embedded commands in marketing
• Harnessing conversational commerce

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