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Building with major brands

"The first step to success is laying a strong foundation; the rest is built on that."

- Andrew Carnegie

Solidify Your Success: Discover the Pillars of Our Foundation Domination System…


Step 1 | R&D

Based on our discovery call and research this systems is tailor built to provide you a marketing foundation for long-term success!

Onboarding & Ongoing Consult

Unlocking Your Vision:
Dive deep into your goals with our 1 hour onboarding consultation and monthly consult calls. Uncover opportunities, short & long-term objectives, client avatars, as well as your personal aspirations.

The Master Plan

Crafting Your Blueprint for Success:
Our foundation plan unveils creative strategies & tools for dominance in your market. This will act as our pathway together to continue checking off the goals.

Collaborative Workspaces

Streamlined with Systems:
Enjoy our cloud-based systems that ensure organized project tracking, & detailed scope of work management for each marketing venture.

Step 2 | Unleash the Creative

Web Strategy & Development

Effective website design is essential; it ensures a seamless user experience and plays a pivotal role in establishing a compelling online presence.  We will make your vision a reality!

🔭 Develop website & navigation to provide an instant first impression that builds trust and engagement.

💸 Build a true investor funnel that provides the main details to generate interest. Opt-ins will be entered into an automation sequence to support their journey. 

🪜Share your “Why,” Dr. Proof, solutions, core values and focus on 1 main Call to Action

📁 Improve resources section to be more robust and easy to navigate.

🧰 Integrate CRM technologies into site to streamline communication and automation processes.

CRM Automation

Unlocking the potential of automation & client management systems is key to achieving both internal efficiency & provides for unmatched prospect/client journey. 

Client Management | Keep track of all your contacts, your industry/investor segments, notes and tasks with ease.

Web Integration | Seamlessly integrate a CRM system into your website to enhance customer relationships and streamline operations.

Opportunities | Provide you with a way to track your sales pipeline, leads & automate sequences.

Inbound Leads | Build lead funnel with sequences

On Time | Develop a comprehensive calendar system and sequences to boost meeting generation and maintain an organized schedule for your business.

Communication | Email newsletter template design to keep you top of mind monthly.

Social Success

Social media profiles are crucial for establishing a strong online presence, credibility and engaging effectively with your audience. 

Profile Setup | Kick off your social media profiles with fresh content and engaging visuals to boost brand awareness and engagement. Includes Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google My Business, X, TikTok.

Creative |  Craft 8  social media posts and 4 social video reels to make a immediate impact.

Management & Scheduling | By using the DMC CRM, you’ll gain access to our calendar and creative resources. Additionally, your team can utilize the app to schedule and post additional content.


Utilizing impactful videos is key to showcasing your products, sharing compelling testimonials, and amplifying brand awareness to captivate your audience.

Sales Video | Create 2 powerful sales and awareness video for Home Page & 1 for Investor Page that provides a quick overview of benefits, your why, share solutions and testimonials to aid your sales process.

Impact | Develop engaging logo animation video, intro and outro card for each company.

Your Story | Conduct virtual interview or work with a local videographer to generate initial story content to be used across all platforms.

+ Add On
On-Location Video Shoot


In today’s digital landscape, tangible marketing collateral such as brochures, handouts, and event swag play a crucial role in  your plan, offering a tangible touchpoint enhances engagement & leaves a lasting impression.

Business Essentials | Start off with the essentials you need to make an amazing first impression. From business cards to your email signature we will have it done and done right!

Impactful Sales Brochure | This will help you show up differently for both of your segments and provide the reasons why they should hire you vs. competition.

Video-in-Print | Develop a PrintAVizion video book design. This is an exceptional sales tool, to uniquely showcase your solutions and stand out in the sea of sameness.

Production Guidance | We have our fingers on the pulse of print, direct mail, and production. We are here to streamline your ordering or provide you guidance on best options. 

Foundation Domination

Your Plan Built for a Successful Launch & Long-term Success
$ 11,385
Investment Total
3 Payments of $3,795
Proposed Start Date June 15th - Engagement Completion September 15th



The Last Business Tool You Will Ever Need.


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