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Marketing Mastery



Building a robust marketing foundation is pivotal in propelling your business forward. A comprehensive system incorporating CRM, internal, and external structures acts as the backbone for success. It not only streamlines operations but also enhances customer interactions, boosts efficiency, and lays the groundwork for accelerated growth. Our Marketing Mastery Foundation System is designed to fortify these vital elements, empowering your business to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.


Introducing our Ongoing Marketing Mastery Monthly System—an all-inclusive solution designed to consistently elevate your business. From strategic consulting and precise project management to SEO optimization, engaging blogs, and compelling e-newsletters, we’ve got you covered. Our comprehensive support extends to graphic design, captivating copywriting, video creation, seamless automation, and effective CRM management. Elevate your brand with our complete monthly marketing assistance.

Q1 Foundation Recipe

Step 1 | R&D

Based on our discovery call and research this systems is tailor built to provide you a marketing foundation for long-term success!

Onboarding Consult

Unlocking Your Vision:
Dive Deep into Your Goals with Our 2 Hour Onboarding Consultation. Uncover Opportunities, Short & Long-Term Objectives, Client Avatars, as well as Your Personal Aspirations.

The Recipe a.k.a. Plan

Crafting Your Recipe for Success:
Our Yearly Plan Unveils Creative Strategies & Tools for Dominance in Your Market. This will act as our pathway  together to continue checking off the goals. 

Collaborative Workspaces

Streamlined with Systems:
Enjoy Our Cloud-Based Systems that Ensure Organized Project Tracking, & Detailed Scope of Work Management for Each Marketing Venture.

Step 2 | Fire It Up!

Website Reignited

Effective website design is essential; it ensures a seamless user experience and plays a pivotal role in establishing a compelling online presence.

Develop a fresh WordPress based website with easy navigation for each client avatar

We will create direct response copy that emphasizes the advantages to the viewer while highlighting Belshaw’s Story and unique selling proposition.

Integrate WooCommerce shopping platform for online sales capabilities.  Customized to grow with you and your new product lines.

CRM Automation

Unlocking the potential of automation & client management systems is key to achieving both internal efficiency & provides for unmatched prospect/client journey. 

Keep track of all your contacts, your industry segments, notes and tasks with ease.

Seamlessly integrate a CRM system into your website to enhance customer relationships and streamline operations.

Provide you with a way to track your sales pipeline, leads & automate sequences.

Build lead funnel with sequences

Develop a comprehensive calendar system and sequences to boost meeting generation and maintain an organized schedule for your business.

Email newsletter template design to keep you top of mind monthly.

Brand Power

A consistent company message and brand standards are the cornerstone for robust brand building, amplifying your business identity.

Keeping the Belshaw legacy fresh and alive on all platforms.

Construct a powerful presentation template for use with incoming opportunities

Establish your authority across three distinct segments through the creation of dynamic sales materials tailored to each segment’s unique needs and preferences.

Social Success

Social media profiles are crucial for establishing a strong online presence and engaging effectively with your audience. We will collaboratively develop content to build audiences.

Create a comprehensive 12-month social media plan complete with strategies, actionable steps, and a clear roadmap to guide you throughout the year.

Revamp your social media profiles with fresh content and engaging visuals to boost brand awareness and engagement. Includes Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google My Business, X, TikTok.

Craft eight image posts and four video posts monthly, curated to populate and enrich your content calendar for February, March, and April.

By using the DMC Social Hub, you’ll gain access to our calendar and creative resources. Additionally, your team can utilize it to schedule and post extra content.


Utilizing impactful videos is key to showcasing your products, sharing compelling testimonials, and amplifying brand awareness to captivate your audience.

Create 3 sales and awareness videos providing a quick overview of benefits, why Belshaw, share solutions and testimonials to aid the sales process.

Create 3 instructional demo videos

Develop engaging logo animation video, intro and outro card

Conduct virtual interview to generate initial content

Generate a compelling case study reel highlighting client success story. Illustrate scenarios showcasing why Belshaw stands out as industry leaders.


+ Add On
On-Location Video Shoot


In today’s digital landscape, tangible marketing collateral such as brochures, handouts, and event swag play a crucial role in  your plan, offering a tangible touchpoint enhances engagement & leaves a lasting impression.

Develop a PrintAVizion video book, an exceptional sales tool, to uniquely showcase your solutions and stand out in the sea of sameness.

50 hardcover video books to be used to enhance sales opportunities

We have our fingers on the pulse of print, direct mail, and production. We are here to streamline your ordering or provide you guidance on best options.


$ 10,000 MONTHY
January | February | March

ongoing MONTHLY recipe

These monthly solutions are crucial to maintain top-of-mind presence, establish authority, grow your following, and outpace your competitors.


Continuous Improvement: Our Monthly Solution Begins with Strategic Consulting, where we Collaborate Every Third Week to Assess Progress, Identify Successes, and Plan the Next Month’s Actionable Goals.

Project & SOW Management

Streamlined Execution: Our Monthly Project Management Keeps Both Parties Organized and Aligned, Ensuring Laser-Focused Strategies and Timely Deliverables.


Elevate Your Marketing Game: Our Monthly Creative Prowess Boasts a Talent Arsenal to Supercharge Your In-House Team and Cover Every Aspect of Marketing.

Local SEO

Elevate Your Online Presence: Our Monthly SEO Services Are Tailored to Meet Google and Google My Business Standards, Strengthening Your Online Reputation and Enhancing Organic Listings.

Comprehensive SEO keyword research tailored to enhance visibility and optimize your online presence.

Refine on-page content for enhanced search engine visibility and improved user experience.

Create an interconnected web of quality links to amplify your online presence and bolster search engine rankings.

Submit well-crafted articles to reputable platforms, expanding your online visibility and establishing authority in your industry.

Content is Key

Empower Your Brand’s Voice: Our Content Creation Service Delivers Monthly Social Posts and Engaging Descriptions.

8 Dynamic Image Posts & 4 Video Reel Posts

2 SEO Keyword Focused Blogs Monthly

Staying on top of trending post styles, trending sounds, hashtags and overall algorithm updates.

Management & Posting

Effortless Social Presence: Let Us Manage Your Social Media Posting. We Save Your Time and Effort by Integrating Posts Seamlessly. While We Lead, Your Team Can Also Share Their Valuable Content.

A collaborative calendar to house our creative work and schedule posts at optimal times.

Choosing optimal times to schedule on each platform

2 SEO Keyword Focused Blogs Monthly



Marketing Mastery Monthly


Spend How You See Fit

There is no 1-size-fits-all plan, priorities and opportunities change quickly and to combat that we have a menu of solutions available to conquer! During each monthly consulting session we will map out where the credits will be allocated.

Graphic Design


Video Creation

Consulting | 1 Hour = 4 Credits

Custom Projects - Discovery Interview Required to Determine Investment


Can’t Wait? Do you want to expedite your business success?

Everything You Need in Two Weeks

Get everything mentioned above in our Marketing Mastery Foundation, but handed to you on a silver platter in 2 weeks time. Devin Herz and Lead Creative Joe Rowe will fly to your location for 1 week, to consult, capture video, design, implement, and train you and your team on our platforms. 


$ 50,000 One Time Payment



The Last Business Tool You Will Ever Need.


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