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DMC, Proud Partner of Special Olympics Florida. 

DMC was responsible for creatively branding our special event graphic designs for everything from the first Kick Off Party invitation down to the red carpet signage and paparzzi wall on the night of the gala.  Our favorite piece they designed was the 70 page event album that was displayed at each guests seat, a beautiful coffee table book that our supporters will all treasure.  DMC staff is professional, prompt and very polite throughout every step of the event marketing process.  We even received multiple calls from different upper level executives to randomly check that we were satisfied with the level of service being provided by their design staff.  I cannot give enough positive feedback about the fantastic work we received from DMC and thank them for their generous marketing donations.
Erin Kozlowski Vice President, Resource Development Special Olympics Florida – Miami-Dade County

I needed to find a direct marketing expert that understood how to create and fulfill high impact direct mail campaigns that would produce a solid response. I didn’t feel that I had the time to do this well and didn’t want to mess around trying stuff on my own. Finding the time to create a direct mail campaign was holding me back and the thought of trying to fulfill it as well was a big turn off. But having a team like DMC available to do this for me is awesome! From this campaign, we received a direct 5% response and an additional 3% from follow-up on the phone. And from those initial 5 direct response leads, we received 2 new consulting deals, adding $15,000/month ($180k/year) to our top line revenue from a $3,000 mailing! We aren’t done yet, we have 2 more leads from this campaign that should be signing up any day now.
Needless to stay, we are sending out our next 3 step drop this month and will be continuing on with DMC for many months to come.
Ryan Paul Adams | PME360

My lack of understanding of what DMC could do for me kept me from engaging a year earlier. I didn’t really have the understanding of what was available through the Mastery Program, for example; that you could become my outsourced marketing department. Business owners today, I don’t know if there are enough of them who realize that you gotta keep in touch with your customers.
Email is overdone. Postcards and newsletters are a great way to do that. I actually think the Minizine is so unique. It gets it done. I was hesitant to let you do it at first. I used to want to write all my own newsletters. But I didn’t want to do that anymore. As it turns out, there really isn’t that much work for me now.
Tim Murphy | Murphy Industrial

We wanted consistent branding and wanted our marketing pieces to be more consistent: Both time-wise, to save us internal time, and then for the pieces to coordinate with each other.
A big part of that was our new branding; that was one of the first things you did and it looks great!
I like the creativity. When I get to do a new project and we get to talk about creative and what it means and what we want to get across. It’s fun to go back and forth with their ideas and see what they come up with. And I don’t have to do the work! They also come back with many suggestions. So I can tell them what I’m thinking and DMC will give me great ideas. Maybe even some things I hadn’t thought of. I think they are professional. They’re focused. They are very time efficient- turn around projects very quickly. I also think they are very personable. So even though they are in Florida (and aren’t Texans), I think they are great people!

Dr. Randy Mitchmore | LifeSmiles

“DMC has provided great support in regards to our marketing; They are very creative and always on the lookout to do innovative things. We are very pleased with the overall experience,”
Juan Carlos Canizares, President – Metal Master Roofing, Inc.


He knows people

I never had this before with any marketing company, it’s really great.
Thanks lets get this campaign in motion!
An Flamand – USA Vacation Homes

We all agree that this is really cool mailer. So much so that we now want to send 1,000 of them, so I’m getting a new list put together. The variable data name out of gavels, I’ve just never seen anything quite like that, it is so cool and eye catchy.
Ben Glass – Ben Glass Legal Marketing

Never in a million years did I think that I would be able to put together a Shook© so professional, attractive and with eye catching response. Comments just from day one have been amazing. My peers are all jealous of the work done on my behalf by Devin and his team and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you again for all the hard work.
Ben McClure – Gardner’s Mattress & More

“I had never done direct mail before, but I had a product I couldn’t sell and wanted to try something new. Did my first campaign with Dynamic Marketing Consultants and gave them such a short deadline to get the creative together. With the variable data printing and pURL technology, it ended up being one of the most successful marketing campaigns I’ve ever witnessed. I absolutely recommend working with DMC; I cannot say enough good things.”
Dr. Chris Griffin – Capacity Academy

We got a great response from the invitations and follow up postcards. We were hoping for around 100 people to RSVP and have closer to 160 as of right now! Hopefully we have room for everyone.”Thank you for checking in! Have a great Thursday!”
Dr. Jeffrey Prager – Bellingham Smiles

Slone Brothers Furniture has been partnering with DMC for several years. Their creative team and high quality print media products have breathed new life into our campaigns. Our last full color piece actually created a line at the door over 30 minutes before we opened! DMC continues to amaze me with their patience and creativity.
Michael Slone – Slone Brothers Furniture

Overall, we had 34 people respond to our lumpy mailing (34/700 = 5%). We were very happy with this response level as our usual direct mail postcards evoke a response of 1/1000 or 0.01%. Total ROI $7950/$3500 = 227%.
Jonathan Slain – Fitness Together

The Shook (Short Book) product DMC produced for us has the added benefit of making McBride Kelly & Associates a true published author, which has immense value to our prospective and current clients. Our Shook© has been so successful that within its first week of distribution was directly responsible for the closing of a large deal worth $600,000 for McBride Kelly & Associates. Our working relationship with DMC is stellar and we couldn’t be more pleased.
Brian McBride – McBride & Assoc. Realty

Through the assistance of DMC, we have gone from struggling, to filling 600 seat venues, to selling out and turning people away at a 1200 seat venue. Another area of immense growth has been the role of corporate sponsorships integrated into our events. Through the event program that DMC has developed for FightNight, our events have become an extremely attractive and effective tool for our sponsors.
Aaron Jacobs – Strarfight Productions

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