Jonathan Lewis


To say that Jonathan thoroughly enjoys wordsmithing would be a gigantic understatement. Leveraging his B.A. in Business Management and a propensity for rapid learning, Jonathan has become somewhat of an “intellectual chameleon,” which only continues to strengthen his copywriting dexterity. Jonathan’s diverse background in business and nonprofits also lends itself well to writing everything from mission statements to short books, allowing him to work his magic for DMC on just about anything that has words attached to it.

Counter balancing the depth and breadth of his work with DMC, Jonathan also contributes a sense of levity with his quick wit that keeps us on our toes – but more importantly a smile on our faces. In other words, his acute hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia keeps his writing on point and he is never one to promote the floccinaucinihilipilification of communication. Well duh, right? 😉

Originally growing up in upstate New York, Jonathan now lives with his beautiful wife, Laine (who is also a writer), in the St. Pete area of Florida where they spend most of their free time eating sushi and literally enjoying long walks on the beach.
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