Amit Rai Ahuja

Amit Rai Ahuja


Amit is armed with over 15+ years’ worth of experience in both Indian & US technology markets. He is the co-founder of Outsourcing Services USA and BizHawkz IT Pvt Ltd, and works startup developing software for Small Business Entrepreneurs.

He has extensive expertise in Software Development & Product Customization (SaaS & ERP), Measuring & Monitoring Customer Experience, Revenue Assurance, Customer Insights, and Data Analytics & Visualization.

During the beginning of his career, Amit worked on SQL, Oracle, &Java and later went to manage a multitude of teams to carve out a niche software for customers.

Amit’s greatest strength lies in e2e scope for Consulting, Customer Engagement, Legacy Modernization, and DevOps. He has professional experience in high-performance computing nurturing Big Data on Data Collection & Cleansing with Cloud & Virtualization modules for operators in EU, ME, AF & APAC regions.

Amit possesses keen business & analytical acumen with calculated project and people management skills. He prides himself on key leadership capabilities and continuous improvement while building diverse teams in geographically distributed organizations.
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